“I like geography best because mountains and rivers know the secrets.  Pay no attention to boundaries”

At Moss Hey:  We inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that affects the way we live, which makes the heartbeat of our world.



At Moss Hey, we have designed our Geography curriculum with the intent that it will inspire our children with a curiosity, fascination and appreciation for the world around them. It will equip them with a diverse knowledge and understanding of people, places, natural, human and physical geography.

Our geography curriculum starts from the immediate locality and progresses to the global.  As pupils progress through the school, they will develop an insight into the links between physical and human processes and how landscapes and environments have changed and continue to change over time. 

We engage children in themes such as sustainability, development and climate change in their everyday lives to enable them to become active global citizens and have the cultural literacy to be role models for the future.

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